for extremely corrosive saturated or near saturated solutions

The pH analyzer dilutes the sample and measures the pH of saturated or near saturated solutions.

Saturated solutions have profound influence on the pH electrode response. For this reason dilution of process fluids before measurement is a necessity. 

It is the only analyzer that provides measurements with high and very long long-term accuracy in saturated solutions.

  • Designed for high temperatures and hydrochloric acid
  • Versatile
  • High accuracy
  • Long lifetime
  • Reference electrode never poisoned
  • Automatic cleaning
Metal typeNoble
BUS comm.Modbus
Ext. Start/stop24v
Output4-20 mA


The instrument sucks and dilutes a sample from the process, using hot or cold water, before analyzing and returning the sample.

The instrument then sucks up an a suitable detergent (like acid) from a detergent container. Powerful nozzles spray the electrodes with the detergent, and afterwards with water.

Dose of detergent and intervall is programmable